Lots of people can code. There are over 4 MILLION software engineers in the US alone. And with the rise of remote work due to covid, employers now look worldwide more than ever for quality developers.

It's easier than ever to learn to code. In addition to the more traditional computer science college degree programs, many are now successfully learning programming through boot camps or even through self-directed learning online.

Whether a new developer or a senior engineer

You've completed your training. You've learned your programming languages and toolsets. You've even completed some initial projects and have a portfolio ready to show your work.

Or you've already been employed for a while with one or two different employers. You've gained hands-on experience in the real world and have been learning how things work.

There's more to success than just coding

In both situations- whether a new programmer or someone with experience- you are realizing there's a lot more to a successful software engineer career than just being a good coder.

Being a good coder is a given. There are LOTS of great coders out there. Employers have more ways than ever to test and preview and verify and hire great coders.

Here's what ELSE employers value

Let me clue you in on what ELSE employers value beyond just being a good programmer. Employers value developers who can:

  1. focus on the right things short-term and long-term
  2. prioritize work appropriately
  3. follow higher-level architectural best practices
  4. put ego aside
  5. get results - deliver
  6. collaborate and work well in a team environment

I can say that with confidence. I've hired software engineers over a span of twenty years. I've hired for my own companies, non-profits, financial companies, and SaaS companies. And I've done that hiring as a company owner, a software manager, a director, and a senior director. I've hired many developers over the last twenty years.


There's been a lot of layoffs going on by tech firms lately! Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, and more big organizations have been laying off technical and other workers by the thousands over recent months.

With all these changes in the tech industry, you should be doing everything you can to be a valued, well-rounded software engineer that possesses all the skills an employer is looking for - not just programming skills.


Where do you learn those other skills that employers value so much? Not from a Learning Python book or a Data Structures class.

WHY do you learn those other skills listed above?

  1. because you will be a stronger candidate for employers
  2. because you will be better positioned for a strong career across all employers

Don't sit back and just assume that your good coding skills are going to be enough to get you the job you want and to keep that job that you like.

And, don't think so little of yourself! Think bigger than just being an awesome full-stack developer or UI developer. Think about what you want to do long-term with your time and your life.

Don't let each employer manage your career - take charge of it yourself!

My Software Engineer Career Booster course will help you take charge of your career. It gives you the information and insights you need to move forward with confidence.

The course is easy to watch

  • the course is just over 2 hours of content broken out into 15 separate lessons
  • the lessons build on each other, but each can be watched by itself
  • watch a lesson when you have time, then come back later and watch another
  • and when you purchase the course you have lifetime access to the course

The course gives you what you need

I created the course based on years of experience as a developer, a manager, and an IT leader in the director and VP roles. I've seen firsthand what software engineers do well and do poorly regarding their careers, and I've created a course that helps directly address those challenges.

I know the roadblocks, the mistakes, the challenges, and the decisions that you are facing or likely will face soon in your career. I’ve seen them myself, as a software engineer and as someone managing and directing software engineers for an organization.

The best way to understand what the course will do for you is to watch a FREE course preview.  The course preview outlines the entire course so you will know exactly what will be covered.


In the full course, I give you valuable insight into:

  1. understanding what employers want
  2. setting the right goals for you and your employer
  3. knowing what to focus on technically
  4. learning how to deal with changing priorities
  5. making performance reviews a career-boosting experience
  6. managing team dynamics
  7. making decisions with confidence

Fun and Success

My goal is for you to have fun, successfully achieve the goals you set for yourself, and make your employer happy too. And making your employer happy is in itself a huge career booster!

Preview The Course Now

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I honestly think once you see what the course offers, you'll see what it can do for your software engineer career. The Software Engineer Career Booster course will help you:

  1. become a stronger candidate for employers
  2. build a stronger career path for a more successful and more fun career

Take charge of your career!

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